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News » Church of Ireland Architectural Drawings – Exhibition Now Open

We were delighted to be invited to the opening of this exhibition at the Irish Architectural Archive, 45 Merrion Square, Dublin. The exhibition showcases a selection of archive drawings from the Church of Ireland collection, which includes 19th and 20th century architectural drawings of Church of Ireland churches and cathedrals and marks the completion of a pilot project to digitize and catalogue the collection. Dr Susan Hood, Librarian and Archivist explained that the purpose of the project “is to make an important heritage resource freely available and, by providing surrogates, to assist with the conservation of a unique collection which is in part, very fragile”.

This is a wonderful resource which will help immensely with our work in understanding these important historic buildings which are so integral to the Irish rural and urban landscapes. The exhibition is open to the public until 30 August and admission is free.