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News » Clarke Stained Glass Windows

Clarke Stained Glass WindowsNinety years ago, this week, Harry Clarke, the most gifted Irish-stained glass artist, died in Switzerland while being treated for tuberculosis.  His work has left a unique legacy in Ireland and abroad.  His use of deep rich colours, detail and figures with carved features and deep expressive eyes makes his work instantly recognisable.

We are helping a local parish in Co Tyrone to conserve three sister windows to the designs of the Dublin based workshop of Joshua Clarke and Sons, famous for the works of Harry Clarke (1889-1931).  These windows were erected in 1922 to the memories of the Kavanagh family and Archbishop J.J Hughes, the fourth bishop of New York in the mid-19th century.

Having undertaken a full condition survey of the Church we are focusing on the conservation of the glass and windows to ensure their continued safe keeping.  The work forms part of a phased repair of the fabric of the Church.