Conservation of Historic HousesBuying a home is one of the most important investments you are likely to make and being aware of any issues before you buy is critical to your long term planning.  Similarly you may already live in an historic house and have a problem with damp or a structural defect.  Alternatively you may be considering maintenance, refurbishment or alterations.

Our understanding of historic building fabric means we are well placed to provide expert and balanced advice to you.  We provide thorough and authoritative building guidance to allow you to make a sound judgement on acquisition, repair or alteration.

Years of experience brings a delicate touch, coupled with detailed design and strict contractual controls when we are working with you to restore or alter your historic home.  Sensitive design for alterations and restoration including new build where appropriate form part of the services the Practice provides.

On site we look after your interests, deal with contractual matters and over-see progress.  We are always constructive, seeking opportunities to improve.  Always aiming to deliver quality on time and within budget.