Restoration of Boyds CottageIreland’s rural landscape is peppered with cottages, many of which are now in poor condition. These buildings require sensitive repair, using traditional skills and materials. Finding a new use means understanding what can and cannot be achieved.

A delicate touch is required and a deep understanding of how these buildings were constructed and therefore how they tend to fail is critical to success. With our specialist knowledge and years of experience we can help.

We work personally with each of our clients bringing added value through our experience in this field. Sensitive design for alterations and restoration including new build where appropriate form part of the services the Practice provides.

Construction is subject to statutory regulation and grants, some of which are particular to historic buildings. Our qualifications and experience allows us to advise on how best to procure your project, deal with statutory controls and take advantage of grant aid.

On site we look after your interests, deal with contractual matters and over-see progress. We are always constructive, seeking opportunities to improve. We always aim to deliver quality on time and within budget.