Looking for a New Direction?

Posted on 04/12/2018

Looking for a New Direction? ***We are Hiring!*** If you are the CONSERVATION ARCHITECTURAL PROFESSIONAL, McCollum Conservation are looking for …. …. You will be motivated by your enthusiasm for historic buildings and have a passion for building conservation. You will have a can-do attitude and a willingness to learn and understand our projects and culture. You will be able to work on your own initiative but be a relaxed team player. You will be responsible for minor and large scale works on a range of rewarding, conservation driven appointments across the province, working with like-minded clients, consultants and contractors. … Read more Looking for a New Direction?

Roman or Greek?

Posted on 29/10/2018

This photo shows a section of the Parthenon on the Athens Acropolis and the Doric Order of the structure is clear with its distinctive Frieze sitting above the column capital.  However, this order exists in both the Greek and Roman forms so which type is it?  It might be obvious in this case, given the location of the structure, but both forms are quite different when the detail is considered. Whilst we are not about to enter the debate about the multitude of differences here, two to remember are that the Greek form never has a base and the Triglyphs … Read more Roman or Greek?

St Mark’s, Dundela – Connection to CS Lewis

St Mark's, Dundela - Connection to CS Lewis
Posted on 06/09/2018

St Mark’s, Dundela recently received a grant of £5,000 from the National Churches Trust to assist in completing internal repairs and keeping the building dry. Chris McCollum Conservation is pleased to be involved in the repairs to this landmark church in East Belfast, which recently celebrated 140 years since its consecration and has strong connections to CS Lewis. The 150 foot high tower of St Mark’s is visible across Belfast and there are regular church tours for visitors interested in CS Lewis, who spent his childhood in East Belfast. The author was baptised in the church and visited his grandfather … Read more St Mark’s, Dundela – Connection to CS Lewis

Hydraulic Building Limes Today

Killeavy Castle
Posted on 08/08/2018

Over the last twenty or so years it has become common knowledge in the construction industry that when repairing historic buildings, it is generally best to specify and use building limes rather than cements. As a result, a variety of lime mortars for building, repairing or plastering now appear on every building conservation project. However, despite this “lime revival” there remains much to understand if the material is to be adequately specified and used properly on site to ensure that the expected results materialise (and failures are avoided). One of the most critical issues to understand is that specifying lime … Read more Hydraulic Building Limes Today

St Philip’s & St James’ Parish Church, Holywood

St Philip's & St James' Parish Church, Holywood
Posted on 22/05/2018

The Practice is currently involved in providing expert conservation guidance in repair to a Grade B+ listed church, located within the town centre of Holywood. The Church was consecrated in 1844 and is an important example of the work of Charles Lanyon. We are providing a specialist Architectural service from inception to completion. As part of the work we are replacing a unique Spire counterweight which provides structural stability.