Advanced Surveying TechniquesMany historic buildings are complex, tall or unusual in form or construction and therefore present issues for those charged with their repair. The Practice provides specialist surveying techniques such as drone inspections, thermal imaging and borescope inspections.

We provide a high-level surveying service combining the benefits of high-level cameras and the latest remotely piloted aircraft with specialist knowledge and experienced surveying. Our surveys reach parts of the building usually out of reach without expensive intervention and our reports provide informed conclusions on the condition of difficult to reach historic fabric where urgent work can go undetected.

Using thermal imaging coupled with our expert understanding, we can advise on the retrofitting of historic buildings to improve their thermal capacity. We take a holistic approach to ensure proposals do not jeopardise the very fabric which we are tasked with improving.

For environmental assessments such as timber decay, we aim to identify and address the cause rather than treating the symptom and we use advanced surveying technology such as borescopes alongside our expert knowledge and experience.