Tollymore Follies Restoration

Posted on 24/07/2018

Tollymore Forest Park, located just outside Newcastle in County Down, boasts a number of unusual and quirky structures, some of which have been in existence since the early 1700s. The Practice, working with the Mourne Heritage Trust restored a total of 15 of these structures or follies through a Landscape Partnership programme funded primarily by the Heritage Lottery Fund with the aim of preserving the rich cultural, natural and built heritage of the area to be enjoyed by future generations. We designed and oversaw a detailed restoration project which involved the use of traditional materials and skills to bring the … Read more Tollymore Follies Restoration

Beresford Obelisk Conservation

Posted on 28/06/2018

Ireland has a number of Obelisks and this one stands as a testimony to Henry Barre Beresford in whose honour it was erected in 1840. By 2011 the Obelisk was in very poor condition and had been added to the BARNI register. The Follies Trust was asked if it would help and shortly after the Practice became involved. A preliminary inspection determined the main threats to the fabric and set out a cost plan which allowed the Trust to determine a strategy for conservation. By 2014 the Trust were sufficiently confident to commission a high level inspection and this produced … Read more Beresford Obelisk Conservation

Marlacoo Temple

Posted on 29/06/2017

James Howley describes the Garden Temple as the greatest artistic triumph of all follies and garden buildings.  It was with that in mind that the Practice was engaged to design and oversee a Garden Temple in County Armagh. At the core of the design was the re-use of existing cast iron columns from an earlier industrial building and the client’s idea of a circular temple inspired by Irish garden follies.  The result is a design modelled on antiquity using ‘The Four Books of Architecture’ by Andrea Palladio alongside our knowledge of architectural form.  Based on the Roman Doric we designed … Read more Marlacoo Temple

Knockbreda Mausoleum Conservation

Posted on 17/07/2011

Cunningham, Greg and Rainey were the established commercial and intellectual leaders of the Belfast in the 18th century.  All three listed mausolea have been described as the finest buildings in the genre in Ulster.  All three were at risk of collapse and appeared on a Northern Ireland Buildings At Risk Register.  The Follies Trust undertook to save them. Appointed as lead Consultant, the Practice surveyed the structure and fabric of all three mausolea.  Based on that detailed survey cost plans were prepared and a plan of conservation agreed with the Follies Trust.  Detailed tender documents coupled with exacting demands on … Read more Knockbreda Mausoleum Conservation