Location: Dungannon, County Tyrone

Charles Sheils was a philanthropist who on his death in 1861 left a large sum to found a charity with the express wish “to rescue a few of the thousands of destitute persons scattered over almost all the towns and villages of Ireland, I propose building almshouses….”

Over 130 houses were built in five locations across Ireland in the late 19th and very early 20th centuries. The Charity who bears his name continues to house those in need in today’s different conditions.

In Co Down, thirty-one houses grouped in two traditional three sided quadrangles were falling into poor condition with vacant units becoming an issue. We were approached by the Charity and asked to prepare a strategic plan for the Charity for the refurbishment of their site in Co Down.

Design work was excellent on listed buildings and the supervision of the work was also excellent.
Peter Acheson Board of Governors

We are currently involved in the phased adaptation of Victorian Alms houses to present day expectations. The preparation of an Historic Impact Assessment as part of the design process is critical in ensuring what makes these buildings special is not lost in the re-modelling.

We aim to retain what makes these types of buildings special while providing ‘Life Time Homes’ standards. Two phases are now complete and two phases are currently on site.