Location: Augher, County Tyrone

Dunroe Cottage is one of the last 12% of a disappearing rural vernacular building, located in an isolated rural area, south of Augher, Co Tyrone. The cottage dates from before 1837 and is best described as a single-storey, direct-entry central hearth cottage with later additions. The cottage is centred on a kitchen with its characteristic hearth at one end and entrance door at the other. A small projecting front porch provides the only break to the main elevation. Byres are provided either side of the cottage.

An American couple purchased and wanted to restore the cottage to provide modern living accommodation but with a desire to respect the original form and fabric of the cottage.

We undertook a scheme of repair and extension working closely with the couple. Repairs were undertaken using various grades of natural hydraulic limes. The structure was deep grouted to provide additional stability where many would have adopted an easier option of rebuilding.

It was a pleasure working with you on this positive and rewarding project – one of the least stressful largely due to your support and help and eye for detail.

The original form of the house which gave it its regional character was respected and a proposed extension to provide a single kitchen followed the line of an original byre with a ruined portion beyond converted to a small walled garden. The barrel roof to the extension mimics a recognised traditional form of architecture in Ireland and the use of stone, lime, slate and corrugated iron follows a long tradition of extension in rural Ulster.

The building was saved and extended and this was achieved through a good understanding of how these building types were constructed originally and how they behave when altered.

The cottage is secure with very high standards of finish. It is used as a holiday retreat for the owners who visit on a regular basis.