Historic Building Consultants

The conservation, repair and restoration of historic buildings can present challenges.

As an owner, custodian or professional, perhaps you require an in-depth survey to determine the condition of your building, or you are considering a repair or a larger restoration project.  The impact of legislative requirements or climate change on your historic building might also be of concern.  Whatever your plans, an increasing consideration will be the impact of an alteration on the cultural, social, and material significance of the site.

We are RICS Building Conservation Accredited Surveyors.  We can help.  Our accreditation sets us apart by confirming we have the relevant skills, experience, and qualification.  We understand the issues affecting the historic environment and can provide you with expert, authoritative and timely advice.

Our existing clients value our professional help.  These include owners, heritage bodies, local authority, church groups and investors.  RICS building conservation accreditation is recognised as a “gold standard” by government and heritage grant funders insist on accredited professionals as part of their criteria.

Entrust your heritage to a professional.  Call us today on 028 8774 8111.