About UsWe provide expert architectural and surveying advice to those charged with the repair, restoration and adaptation of historic buildings, listed and unlisted, and historic landscapes and structures.

Working with historic buildings demands a particular set of skills and expertise. Our RICS Building Conservation Accreditation demonstrates we have been independently assessed and judged to provide the highest level of expertise.

Our service includes condition surveys and historic building assessment where we provide advice where others see insurmountable problems or recommend excessive, unnecessary, costly or damaging works. Our qualifications and experience mean we understand the building and how it is made up.

For repair and alteration, we provide architectural specifications and drawings. We obtain the necessary statutory approvals such as Planning, Listed Building Consent and Building Control.  For full restoration and refurbishment, we provide tender documents and manage the project on site.

Working with other consultants we can provide a specialist historic building skill, especially useful on multi-consultant design teams or complex building works. We provide Conservation Plans, Heritage Impact Assessments and Conservation Planning.

We are a friendly, dependable, quality driven Practice where you are guaranteed the involvement of the knowledgeable professionals and the experienced senior director at every stage of your project.

Our Philosophy

About Us

The Practice argues for timely conservation repair rather than major restoration (which is sometimes needed as a result of ignoring repairs).  We routinely recommend “doing as little as possible but as much as is necessary”.  We always respect the historic fabric of the structure we are charged with repairing or adapting and seek to retain historic fabric as part of any scheme and avoid dipping into architectural hearsay which could distort the interpretation of the building for future generations.

We advocate a delicate touch even when larger interventions and restoration are sometimes needed and avoid over-enthusiastic restoration as a rule.  We feel new interventions into historic settings should be of their time and neither be a parody of the original or unduly scream at the original.

We always seek to understand the building we are working on, its architectural style and method of construction.  Only then can we fully see what might have gone wrong and what is required to repair and make good.  In repairing, we do not seek to straighten or remove signs of age and natural weathering, providing the component continues to safely fulfil its original function.  We specify materials which are compatible with the historic fabric we are working on so that we do not exasperate decay nor prevent future treatments.

We provide and expect the highest level of craftsmanship from our partners.

Practice Ethics

Behaving ethically is at the heart of what we do and we adhere to the five global professional and ethical standards set out by our governing body, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

We aim to:

  • Act with integrity being honest and straightforward in all that we do.
  • Provide a high level of service, always ensuring our clients or others to whom we have a professional responsibility, receive the best possible advice, support or performance of the terms of engagement we have agreed to.
  • Act in a way that promotes trust in the practice and the RICS in our professional life and promote the practice in a professional and positive way.
  • Treat others with respect, courtesy, politeness and respect and consider cultural sensitivities and business practices
  • Be accountable for our actions, don’t blame others if things go wrong, and if we suspect something isn’t right, be prepared to take action.